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Noble Kumawu

President of the OD Institute, Ghana

Welcome to Organisation Development (OD) Institute. We thank you for spending time with an institution we hold dear.We appreciate your keen interest in pursuing higher education and congratulate you on selecting or thinking of selecting the OD Institute to begin or continue your studies.

Our commitment to students is to provide practical teaching and data-driven research that fosters success from day one through industrial attachment to graduation and the attainment of a career and specialization.

We are pleased to be accredited by the National Accreditation Board and the International Society for Organisation Development and Change (ISODC) and affiliated to the University of Cape Coast (UCC), a prestigious and accredited institution that will issue our student’s Certificates.

We have the facilitators and the resources. We make learning real and fun. Our students are our most valuable asset. We work with them to achieve their goals. At Organisation Development Institute, you will become stronger in intellectual, social, moral, physical, and spiritual ways. All of these aspects of your character matter to us. Your success is our top priority.

Once again, we want to welcome you. May we put a path before you that transforms you, that inspires you, and that shapes you into the kind of person God wants you to become.