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Prof. Jeanne Maes is a Certified Professional Coach, a Mediator, facilitator and trainer and a registered Organisation Development Consultant with over 30 years of teaching, training and Consultancy services. She holds a Ph. D in Communication and Management from the University of Southern Mississippi and an MBA in Management from the University of South Alabama, USA. She has also attained certificates in quite a number of conflict resolution and mediation courses including advanced mediation skills Certificate, the Mediation Process and Skills of Conflict Resolution Certificate, and many others. Prof. Jeanne Maes is also the University Ombudsperson of the University of South Alabama since 2013 and the President Emeritus of the International Society of Organisation Development and Change (ISODC), USA from 2013 to 2017.
Prof Jeanne Maes has served diligently in various committees from the Department level through the College level to the University-wide level. Some of the key committees she rendered service to include but not limited to the Teaching Evaluation Committee, The Management Department Tenure and Promotion Committee, Search Committee for the Department of Management and the General Management Assessment Committee. The committees at the College level include the Health Care Leadership Advisory Board, the Graduation Speaker Screening Committee, and the MCOB Sabbatical Committee. She also served the following committees at the university level; the Board of Students Communications, the University Writing Committee and the Advisory Committee among many others.
Prof. Jeanne Maes is a think-tank in research and has served as a reviewer for many journals including being an Editorial Board Member of the Organisation Developmental Journal, a reviewer of the Academy of Management journal and an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Leadership and Change. She also served as the Ad hoc Reviewer of the Academy of Management and of the Group and International Management, an international journal.
Prof. Jeanne Maes’ professional and consultancy services are unparalleled. She served, as an Affiliate Member of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators from 2006 to present, Chairperson of the Organisation Development Institute from 2002-2010, Alabama, and Chair of the Coordinating Team for the 39th Annual Information Exchange Conference of the Organisation Development Institute in May 2010. Prof. Maes has consulted extensively for organisations such as the US Navy and Jacobs Corporation; the Tennessee Department of Transportation; the US Army Corps of Engineers; the Government Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, TN; and ELF Corporation, Daphne, AL. She has also facilitated and given training and education to a countless number of organisations. In fact, the list is countless.
Prof Jeanne Maes was awarded Honorary Fellow of the State Agency Programme on Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Impact Award of Service of the Mitchell College of Business. Prof. Maes has impacted a lot of lives, home and abroad and continuous to do so as she renders her services to the Board of the OD Institute, Ghana.