Doctoral Degree in OD

The Doctorate degree programme will take a minimum of three-and-half years and a maximum of five years. Like the Masters in OD programme, students who have already undertaken an acceptable accredited Post-Graduate Diploma in OD course or the Masters Degree version, may be able to complete the programme in a shorter period depending on the amount of acceptable credit hours they are able to transfer in their favour to the programme.

Interested individuals should contact the Academic Registrar at the Organisation Development (OD) Institute.


Practical Attachment for the Doctors’ Programme:

Depending on the students’ background, the first part of the doctors’ programme will constitute a taught programme of eight modules and the remaining four modules spent as an attachment period with an approved OD Consultancy firm. The nineth to twelve modules are designed to expose the students to the practice of OD. Those who registered for the Doctor’s programme, unless differently agreed, will undertake all four attachment modules. During this period they will be expected to bring into practice all the theories they learned in the class room. At the end of the four attachments modules, students will be able to:


  1. Identify an opportunity to help a client
  2. Successfully market OD services
  3. Undertake higher level OD interventions
  4. Submit intervention reports on the OD Consultancy services undertaken.


During the attachment period with, preferably, an OD consultancy firm, a period during which students are expected to:

1.      Write and Submit not less than three proposals 

2.       Generate at least two Consultancy Assignments 

3.       Plan the Consultancy Assignments they generated 

4.      Implement the Consultancy Assignments they generated 

5.      Evaluate the Consultancy Assignments they implemented

6.      Submit three (”OD full-cycle”) written reports on the assignments undertaken for assessment.



Assess the capacity of an Organisation.

Assess the effectiveness of teams.

Conduct an Organisational culture assessment.

Design and facilitate (dynamic) teambuilding.

Undertake effective Coaching.

Effectively Resolve Conflicts.

Conduct Strategic-planning interventions.

Undertake Large Systems intervention.


The International Society for Oganisation Development and Change (ISODC), USA, accredited the Organisation Development Programmes in 1999 and renewed it in 2013. It has already been mounted successfully in Ethiopia (1998-2000), Kenya (1999-2001) and Ghana (2001-2002).



The programme is open to personnel working in:


  • Public Institutions,
  • The Private Sector,
  • Non-Government Organisations,
  • Practicing Consultants,
  • Human Resource Specialists,
  • Business Managers,
  • Lecturers who want to go into Consulting and
  • Educational Institutions, (i.e. Polytechnics and other Tertiary Institutions).