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PhD in Organisation Development

PhD in OD

MA in Organisation Development

MA in OD

Post Graduate Diploma in Organisation Development


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Consultancy Services

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Our E-Learning Platform

Applicants into the programme must have:

  • A good first degree of at least second class lower from a recognised university; or
  • Membership of a recognised professional body such as Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana);    Chartered     Institute of Management Accountants; Institute of Engineers;  or
  • A holder of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Organisation Development (OD) from a University can go through a top-up programme for his/her Master’s degree in OD.

 In addition, the OD Institute will work with an applicant to identify an access organisation where he/she will undertake fieldwork / attachment, a period during which he/she will conduct three practical assignments (the assignments will last two weeks, one week and three weeks respectively).

Special Admissions

In special cases, an applicant who does not have a first degree but is otherwise adjudged suitable may be admitted into the M.A. Programme. Such an applicant must:

  • Have considerable management experience (not less than five years).
  • Have a Diploma in one of the behavioural sciences
  • Be at least 35 years of age

The candidate will also be required to:

  1. Submit a transcript of his/her academic record
  2. Pass a selection interview.

A candidate who possesses a First degree in the Third Class Division or Pass and who has at least five years working experience may also be considered for admission into the M.A. programme