Consultancy Services

Organization Development (OD) Institute


Who we are

Organization Development (OD) Institute is an accredited tertiary institution by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) which provides graduate training in Management and Organisation Development Consultancy skills. Formerly Organization Capacity Improvement Consultants (OCIC), the Organisation Development (OD) Institute has since 1994 provided excellent consultancy services to various organisations within and outside Ghana.

Our demand for excellence applies to the quality of our consulting staff, the work they do, the materials they use and the concepts they present. We help our clients to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts in an unusually exacting way.

We have the ability to facilitate management, leadership and human resources intervention to establish performance indicators in terms of output, outcome and impact. We are also well versed in developing and tracking performance of our participants after training.

What we do

We serve clients at every level of the organization, in whatever capacity we can be most useful. We assemble a team with the most appropriate experience and expertise for every engagement, whether as a trusted advisor to top level management or as a hands-on training for front line employees.

Organisation Development (OD) Institute Consultancy Services operates in four main areas of specific competence. These include:

                  Organisation Development & Assessment

           Training in Dynamic Team Building

           Training of Trainers / Facilitators Development and

           Research Services

Our Approach

The Organisation Development (OD) Institute Consultancy services use experiential learning approach which is highly participatory and client-focused. We use appropriate learning strategies to facilitate change in a manner that empowers our clients and stakeholders to self-reflect, self-regulate and take control of their processes of improvement and learning with a view to effectively achieve their reason for existence. This is borne out of the belief that sustainable change lies within the client system. Most Consultants approach organisational problems with pre-designed solutions which often do not work. We believe no two organisations are the same, for which reason we tailor-make interventions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We listen and observe and together, we help organisations become efficient.

Our Staff

Currently, OD Institute has ten (10) senior management and OD consultants and over Fifty - (50) Associates spread across the globe with different backgrounds. Our team members have multi professional experiences ranging from five (5) to over Thirty (30) years of active practice as OD consultant, Social development and Human Capacity Development experts. We have the ability to train public, private as well as not for profit organisations. Our consultants have also designed and facilitated numerous change interventions for top and middle level managers. Our consultancy assignments are led by Africa’s first Richard Beckhard award winner, Noble Kumawu.

Our Clients

We have over the past thirty (30) years undertaken several consultancy assignments for and built a long-standing relationship with a number of corporate and public sector clients in Europe and Africa. Amongst some of our notable clients include:

  • Action Aid International, Ghana
  • African Union Commission (AUC), Ethiopia
  • Civil Service of Ghana
  • GUMPP, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ghana
  • Judiciary and Judicial Service of Ghana
  • Market-Oriented Agricultural Programme (MOAP), GIZ, Ghana
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture, (MoFA), Ghana
  • NEPAD/UNDP, South Africa/ Ethiopia
  • Nurses & Midwives’ Council of Ghana
  • Parliament of Ghana
  • SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation), Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Cluster East Africa
  • Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU)
  • University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana

Kindly call us to discuss your needs and look at how we can work with you to get the results you want.

Contact Information

The OD Consultant In Charge
Organisation Development Institute
P.O.Box WY1718, Accra, Ghana

Tel: (+233) 302-945-083 or (+233) 24-313-9977      
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